About us


-National and household wealth, health and wellbeing from livestock


-To transform the livestock sector to attain sustainably high levels of production, processing and marketing in order to improve livelihoods, meet the needs of human nutritional wellness and economic growth.


-Provision of services to facilitate development and coordination of the livestock sector in line with sectoral and national policies.

Departmental Functions

  • Provide extension and advisory services on good animal health care, hygiene and husbandry
  • Carry out surveillance, prevention, control and eradication of specified animal diseases and pests
  • Generate and provide new knowledge and technologies on pest control and animal health, production practices and decisions
  • Provide information on the components, developments and impacts of the national livestock resource
  • Provide regulatory services for the promotion of fair marketing, sanitary safety, quality and animal welfare
  • Develop and implement livestock policies and strategies
  • Develop enterprise opportunities, value addition strategies for livestock, organise marketing systems and disseminate marketing information
  • Implement and coordinate a livestock identification and traceability systems in the livestock industry

           Goals and objectives

  1. Achieve sustainably high production levels of a diverse range of livestock and livestock products
    1. To enhance livestock production efficiency and cost-effectiveness
    2. To mitigaterisks arising from natural disasters,animal and zoonotic disease/pests
    3. To promote enterprise diversity in livestock production systems

2. Enhance marketing competitiveness of livestock products

    1. To promote the production of high quality livestock and livestock products
    2. To promote compliance with animal welfare best practices in livestock production
    3. To promote compliance with animal-production-food-safety in livestock value chains
    4. To enhance evidence-based decision support for animal health and production


  • Honesty, transparency, fairness and justice
  • A culture of maintenance and care for human relationships, equipment, vehicles and amenities
  • Team work
  • Mutual respect, trust and trustworthiness
  • Hunhu, Ubuntu
  • Professional integrity and professionalism
  • Patriotism
  • Hygiene, orderliness and cleanliness

Expected outcomes

  1. Livelihood and resilience of livestock producers enhanced
  2. The human nutrition balance sheet strengthened for wellbeing
  3. Incomes and jobs created in the sector
  4. Market access promoted for livestock and livestock products
  5. Contribution of livestock production to public health
  6. National biosecurity protected