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Regional (AFRA) Training Course on Internal Auditing of Food Safety Laboratories


“Establishing a Food Safety Network through the Application of Nuclear and Related Technologies”

Harare, Zimbabwe; 8-12 June, 2015.



  • Understanding ISO 17025 Standard Requirements with emphasis on Internal Auditing
  • To value the Attributes and responsibilities of an Internal Auditor
  • To realize the Role and benefits of Internal auditing in Quality Management Systems
  • To appreciate The Audit process
  • To master the art of Audit report writing
  • To Participate in a practical audit


The participants from across the African region gained vast knowledge on internal auditing and its benefit to their respective organizations. However some of the organizations represented were not yet implementing quality management systems, hence it was advised that they develop these systems first and progressively carry out the audits. A practical audit of the ISO 17025 management System at the Central Veterinary Laboratory (CVL) was carried out on the 11th of June 2015 and the participants gained insight into how a management system is implemented in a laboratory. Most of the participants were amazed at how well developed and documented the Management system was at CVL. The training was beneficial to all participants as they learnt the need to constantly evaluate their systems in order to bring continual improvement measures into their respective organizations.




  • Botswana – National Veterinary laboratory
  • Cameroon - Hydrac
  • Egypt – National Centre for Radiation and Research in Technology
  • Ethiopia – Ethiopian Public Health Institute
  • Namibia – National Standards Institute
  • Nigeria – National Council for food and drug administration
  • South Africa – Agriculture Research Centre : Ondersterpoort Veterinary Institute
  • Sudan – National Food and research Centre
  • Tanzania – Food and Drugs Authority
  • Tunisia- Centre for Nuclear Science and Technology
  • Uganda – National Bureau of Standards
  • Zimbabwe- Central Veterinary Laboratory, Department of Research and Specialist Services (CSRI/ARREX)




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